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Every day your hands touch, hold, carry, write, lift, and feel. They help you to express yourself when you communicate. Known as the second brain your hands are intricately linked to your personality. Almost every activity in daily life utilises these complex, highly refined sensory organs.

Have you ever had to function without the use of one or both hands?

Hands on Hands Physio is a highly specialised physiotherapy service which understands the impact a hand problem can have on your life. All types of hand, wrist, forearm and elbow injuries and conditions are managed in a professional and competent manner. Quite often significant hand injuries develop secondary shoulder and upper back conditions, which are also addressed.

Hands on Hands Physio was established in 2012 by Katie Anjou, an experienced Physiotherapist and accredited Hand Therapist. The practice aims to provide high quality specialised and holistic care for patients with upper limb injuries. A thorough and comprehensive upper limb assessment and diagnosis allows an individualised management plan to be developed. Optimal care is guaranteed through consultation and liaison with referrers and specialists, including Hand surgeons.

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